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The Shadows At Abbey Road album:

  • Artist - Shadows mp3
  • Album - The Shadows At Abbey Road mp3
  • Year - 1997
  • Genre- Instrumental


  • Slaughter On 10th Avenue
  • Razzmataz (unissued alternative version)
  • Scotch On The Rocks (stereo re-mix)
  • John’s Rocker (unissued version of ‘I Wish I Could…)
  • Thunderbirds Theme (stere re-mix)
  • Don’t Cry For Me Argentina (unissued full studio version)
  • Guitar Tango (un-dubbed version)
  • Zero X Theme (stereo re-mix)
  • All Day (unissued alternate version)
  • Atlantis (un-dubbed version)
  • Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (unissued instrumental)
  • It’s Been A Blue Day (unissued alternative un-dubbed)
  • God Only Knows (unissued re-mixed and modified version)
  • The Boys - Theme (un-dubbed version)
  • No No Nina (unissued instrumental version)
  • Witch Doctor (The Savage) (unissued film version)
  • Nothing, Folks (unissued instrumental track)
  • What A Lovely Tune (unissued stereo version)
  • Wonderful Land (unissued version)

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